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10 Smoke Detector Alarm Tips

10 Smoke Detector Alarm Tips

10 Smoke Detector Alarm Tips to Keep Your Home Safe

Smoke Detector AdelaideMonthly checks – It’s a simple task, once a month press the test button and you will hear a loud audible alarm. Sometimes it will take a second or two before the alarm sounds. No alarm means a flat battery or faulty smoke detector. 93% of us don’t do these checks!

Replace the battery – Once per year change the smoke alarm battery. Do this regardless of whether the battery is working or not.

Choose a date – Choose a specific monthly and yearly date for the monthly test and yearly battery change. Perhaps first day of the month and first day of spring?



Smoke Alarm AdelaideClean Me – It’s out of sight up there on the roof but needs a quick dusting or run the soft vacuum nozzle over it. This will keep the sensor area free of dust and cob webs and ensure the smoke detector will work correctly.

Not Paintable – Do not paint the smoke detector. The sensors for smoke can be damaged by paint. If you’re having the house painted be sure to mention this to the painter, unfortunately we come across painted smoke alarms regularly.

Mains Powered – If you don’t have any mains powered smoke alarm and still relying on cheap battery only alarms, it’s time to upgrade! Mains powered alarms still have a battery backup for your safety.



Smoke Alarm Adelaide10 Years Old – 10 Years is the recommended lifespan for a smoke alarm and at this stage it is a good idea to have it replaced. This is also a good time to speak to your Adelaide electrician about the correct type to install. Recommendations have changed.

A sign of Quality – The Australian Standard AS3786 should be stamped onto the smoke detector. This is a sign of the unit conforming to Australian Standards.

Interconnection – Now mandatory, if there is more than 1 smoke alarm they are to be interconnected. This means when 1 smoke detector sounds an alarm, all the smoke alarms will sound. This aids in early warning, especially in multistory houses.

Smouldering Fire – The most common house fire and the most dangerous. The fuel sources found in your home are perfect for this type of fire; lounges, carpet, bedding, curtains etc. They start easily from small flames or heat sources and are able to keep themselves burning. These fires burn slowly and silently while you sleep building up large amounts of toxic smoke.