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We Are Your Local Electrician Who Aim To Do A Good Job

At Adelaide Electric, our aim is to raise the bar when it comes to customer expectations, and we aim to do that by simply being reliable local electricians that provide excellent quality of work, and simply do a great job. Reliability, quality and pride shouldn’t just be a business advertising tool, it should be the business’ principles upon which it lives by, and that these should be an expectation of the business.

While Adelaide Electric lives by these principles, we also do it by giving you your personal time and understanding. We care for your home or premises with small ‘details’ that will make all the difference. Simple things like using drop sheets on the floor or over furniture, wearing booties over work shoes on your floors, wearing latex gloves when fitting off on delicate painted surfaces, clean tools and attire, cleaning and vacuuming as we go. You would never know we were there when we finish.

Whilst Adelaide Electric is a young business, Owner Zoran Vatkovic has over 15 years in the electrical and building industry. With a background in hospitality, Zoran has also worked in manufacturing automation (electrical and mechanical), residential concreting and foundations and more recently residential and commercial electrical services. Zoran’s blend of skills means you get a local electrician that has experience beyond a regular electrician.

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