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Our Story

Since our creation in 2014, Adelaide Electric has set out to breathe new life into the trades service industry.

Intentionally created by Zoran and Tracey Vatkovic to connect customers with great electrical service,  we have become an emerging small business known for our friendliness and high standards of excellence.

Adelaide Electric offer friendly, un rushed and individual customer service for all of our valued clients - listening and tailoring our clients' unique needs.

Our reputation for breathing new life into customer service has contributed to our growth and success, that in turn provides the long term reliability and dedication to our customers. 

Meet the Director  :

75392763_1021794554825504_3859125061457805312_nZoran Vatkovic is a former hospitality industry worker turned electrician and small business owner. After stints at university and working as a cook he realised his passions lay in customer interaction and a hands on approach to work.  

Zoran often found that many home services businesses overlooked the human-centred approach needed not only to attract more customers but to keep them. Additionally, these businesses failed to give back to the community that supported them. 

The desire to change the industry led Zoran and Tracey to create Adelaide Electric; a small business loyal to people.




Our Social & Environmental Responsibility

Everything we do at Adelaide Electric is built upon strong social and environmental values. Empathy, trust, honesty and cultural respect are just a few. In keeping with these values, Adelaide Electric is committed to providing an exceptional standard of work and care not only for our customers and their families, but to our community and environment. As part of this commitment, we are involved with community organisations such as TADSA (Technology for Aging and Disability SA) and Meals on Wheels, offering our time and technical expertise to these organisations. 

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