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FAQ about Carbon Monoxide Detectors

These FAQ’s are intended as a resource for the awareness and prevention of Carbon Monoxide dangers for the residents of Adelaide and South Australia. What is Carbon Monoxide? Commonly known as ‘the silent killer’ Carbon Monoxide...


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What is Lumens, Watts, Kelvins on LED Lights?

What is Lumens, Watts, Kelvins on LED Lights? With the advent of LED lights, I’m often asked about the terminology found on packaging and light globes in regards to LED lighting. What do all those numbers and letters on the light...


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Smoke Alarm and Detector FAQ Adelaide

Smoke Alarm and Detector FAQ What type of smoke alarm should I install in my Adelaide home? There are 2 main types of smoke detectors, the ionisation and photoelectric. Both types of smoke detectors will work however the...


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Ceiling Fan FAQ Adelaide

Ceiling Fan Frequently Asked Questions When it comes to ceiling fans I find my clients have a lot of questions, and are unsure about the many types of ceiling fans, installation techniques and what it all means for them. Here I...


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