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Ceiling Fan FAQ Adelaide

Ceiling Fan FAQ Adelaide

Ceiling Fan Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to ceiling fans I find my clients have a lot of questions, and are unsure about the many types of ceiling fans, installation techniques and what it all means for them. Here I have compiled FAQ’s that I get asked often, as well as some information that you will find informative.

How much do ceiling fans cost to run? A Ceiling Fan is cheap to run at about 2-3 cents per hour. Here’s a great link for calculating any appliance costs in Adelaide Calculate Appliance Running Costs. A Ceiling Fan will also aid in saving cooling costs when used in conjunction with home air conditioners.

What does the Summer/Winter switch do? This switch is found above the motor on the ceiling fan and sometimes labelled S and W. In the Summer position, the fan will blow cooling air down that you can feel. In the Winter position, the fan will turn in reverse. This blows warm air over the ceiling and down the walls.

What does the number of blades mean? The most common are 3, 4 or 5 blade fans. There’s not a lot of difference in air flow. A 5 blade fan has more drag and will require more power to run the fan. A 3 blade fan is usually a metal blade fan designed to push a lot of air for its size and thus can be a little noisy. A 4 blade fan tends to be a good compromise for air flow and efficiency. Very large fans may have more blades due to design and aesthetics.

Metal or Timber Blade Fan? A metal blade fan in most cases will push more air than a timber blade fan due to the blade angle and design. As a result they are a little noisier but work well in living areas and outside areas. A timber blade fan is quieter to run and well suited to sleeping areas, however they do not push as much air as a metal blade fan.

What size Ceiling Fan do I need? The most common fans are available in 1200mm (48″) and 1300mm (56″). 48″ fans are suited to small rooms and bedrooms while 56″ fans are suited to larger rooms and large bedrooms. Larger fans up to 2100mm (82″) for outdoor areas or very large indoor rooms are also available.

Ceiling Fan Controller Adelaide

Saturn Series Fan Controller with Light and Dimmer

Remote control or Wall control? This is a personal preference. Wall controllers are designed to integrate with existing light switches or wall plates and much more appealing than the old big transformer controllers. Remote control offers a little more flexibility to the user…..if you remember where you left it last!

Hang Sure or J Hook mount? Hang Sure is the most common mount type and the only type I recommend to customers. This mounting type is less noisy and produces less of a visible wobble. Some cheaper fans on the market will have a J Hook mount.

Can the Ceiling Fan be installed on a raked or sloped ceiling? Yes with a Hang Sure mount (most fans come with this type of mount). Ceiling fans can be mounted up to an angle of about 18.5 degrees.

Ceiling Fans with lights and LED lights? Most ceiling fans are available to be bought with a light fitting if required. They will accommodate a conventional screw in globe or supplied as an LED light fitting.

If you have any other questions we are here to help. At Adelaide Electric we aim to not only perform an excellent installation with quality ceiling fans, we also strive to keep our customers informed and educated.