Switch Board Upgrade Adelaide

Switch Board Upgrade Adelaide

An electrical switch board, sometimes called MSB (Main Switch Board), Fuse box, power box or power board controls the electrical supply to your house.

Most importantly it should ensure any faults in wiring or appliances are stopped before injury or fire can occur. When this happens a circuit breaker ‘trips’, a fuse burns out or a safety switch (RCD) trips.

Wiring faults occur for a number of reasons. Often rats and mice can chew through cables in a roof or under a house. Electrical cable can become degraded over long periods of time, especially if not protected.  Old cables such as cotton covered, vulcanized rubber (black insulation) or cable inside split conduit is notorious for faults and poses an extreme danger. In these cases, you want the safety equipment in your electrical switch board to do its job and prevent fire or injury.

Sometimes the fault is human error. Such as cutting through an electrical cable, handling an appliance with wet hands or a faulty appliance. In these cases it is mandatory the circuit protection work, including the safety switch to prevent injury and possible loss of life.

An increase in electrical demand may necessitate the need for an upgrade. Often old boards have undersized cabling supplying the circuit protection and even more worrying we find burned out bare wiring behind some of them!

An upgraded switch board also poses some other benefits. Circuit breakers are much easier to reset than a rewirable fuse. With correct labelling of the switch board it makes the task even easier! Multiple safety switches rather than a single safety switch means that power is lost in only a portion of the house rather than the whole house losing power and lights.

Below are some examples of older electrical switch boards in Adelaide that require an upgrade.

Old Electrical Switch Board

Switch Board incorrectly labelled, single RCD on whole house, no covers to prevent prying fingers.

Old Switch Board Adelaide

Old ceramic fuses and poor labelling.

3 Phase switch board adelaide old

Old Ceramic Fused 3 Phase Switch Board. Wiring behind this was falling apart.














Below are examples of electrical boards in Adelaide we have upgraded or in the process of upgrading.

Power Box Upgrade Adelaide

Labelled and complete switch board upgrade with Clipsal individual RCBO’s.

Switch Board Upgrade Adelaide

Beginning a switch board upgrade with individual RCBO’s.