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Ceiling Fan Tips and Handy Hints

Ceiling Fan Tips and Handy Hints

Ceiling Fan Tips and Handy Hints

You might be looking at having a ceiling fan installed in your home or just unsure what to choose. Perhaps you’re looking at what possibilities exist or whether some fan installs can be performed. I’ve got a couple of easy tips to help you along the way to make a decision.

As Adelaide weather warms up over summer ceiling fans will improve your comfort level and reduce reliance on air conditioning. Have a look at my blog Ceiling Fans to Save Energy Costs to see why!

What are your ceiling fan options?

  •   You can choose a Ceiling Fan only or a Fan with Lights (LED options available).
  •   Control can be made by a wall controller or remote control.

Ceiling Fan Wall Control Adelaide Ceiling Fan Remote Adelaide

  •   Standard sizes are 122cm (48”) to suit bedrooms or 142cm (56”) to suit larger bedrooms and living areas.
  •   The number of blades on a fan is more a choice of style rather than function.
  •   They can be installed on sloped or raked ceilings.
  •   Keep in mind there needs to be 2.1 meters from the floor to the bottom of the fan blades for safety.
  •   Flat timber blade fans are quieter than metal blades, and well suited to bedrooms.
  •   Metal blade fans tend to push more air around than timber blades.
  •   Available in a range of colours, white or brushed silver being the most popular.
  •   Can be installed outside under a pergola or verandah to keep you cool outside.
  •   Replacing an old ceiling fan with a new modern fan is a cheap option.

Thinking of having a ceiling fan installed?

Having difficulty making a decision?

Have some questions?

We are here to help.

Adelaide Electric can give you guidance and recommendations to keep you cool this summer. We are skilled and professional ceiling fan installers servicing all Adelaide suburbs.