Why Adelaide Electric for Smoke Alarms?

Smoke Alarm Adelaide ElectricianWhy Adelaide Electric for Smoke Alarms and Your Adelaide Electrician?

Simply, the safety of your family and loved ones. They’re important to you and just like a seat belt in your car, smoke alarms are there to protect you from unexpected accidents. As an Adelaide Electrician, it’s important to us as well. Smoke alarms give you an early warning and a chance to escape a fire and alert your family members. This can also give you a chance to call emergency services and possibly save your home and personal belongings going up in flames.

You want the best smoke alarms available, when quality becomes more important than cost. At Adelaide Electric we install smoke alarms which are backed by local Adelaide support and Australian innovation and industry benchmarks. That’s important to us, so we’ve installed these products in our own homes. The picture you see in this blog is a photoelectric 10 year lithium battery smoke alarm I fitted just this week in my own living room that had no roof access to fit a mains powered smoke alarm.

You want the earliest possible warning of a fire and peace of mind without nuisance alarms. We only install photoelectric smoke alarms which are the type recommended by the South Australian MFS as well as other Fire Authorities worldwide. There is currently a push to completely ban the common ionisation smoke alarm fitted and still sold and installed to most homes in Adelaide. In fact we still see the odd Adelaide Electrician fitting these smoke alarms! Although not legislation we choose to ONLY install the photoelectric type of smoke alarm. We take pride in our work and pride in providing our clients with the best safety products.

You want your electrician to know their products and fire safety standards. As an Adelaide Electrician we aim to constantly keep informed of ongoing legislative changes and standards as well as fire safety products so you can be assured your home or business is fire safe. We follow the MFS and BCA (Building Code of Australia) recommendations for correct smoke alarm locations within your home as well as clearances from corners, lights, interference, areas to avoid and interconnections. There are many factors to consider when it comes to installation for optimum performance and your Adelaide Electrician should know them all.

If cost is a factor we offer a couple of options from the basic recommendation right through to the ideal installation. It’s easy to add more smoke alarms and interconnect them whenever you wish or circumstances change. For example a new baby in the family. It would be beneficial to add a smoke alarm to bedrooms and interconnect these to the parent’s bedroom smoke alarm. This means if any smoke alarm were to sound, all the smoke alarms will sound, ensuring you will awake and be alerted to help others who are unable to escape. We also offer combined heat/smoke alarms for kitchen areas, heat sensors in roof spaces, strobe and vibrating alarms!

Sometimes it’s all the little things that make a difference. We can assess your home and lead you in the right direction, giving you options to provide the best safety for your family. Our work is conducted in a professional manner, cleanly and we keep you informed the whole way through. At the end we’ll show you how the alarms work and how to maintain them for peak performance. (Yes they need to be maintained, rest assured it is a simple job!) Lastly we are always only a phone call away. Any problems or questions, our commitment to you is ongoing and we’re here to help. If you’re looking for an Adelaide Electrician, please call us at Adelaide Electric.