Electric Oven Not Working – Adelaide Check Guide

Electric Oven Not Working –  Adelaide Quick Check Guide

Before calling out an electrician to repair your electric oven, I thought it would be a good idea to run through a couple of self help tips. This may save you some money and get the oven working again. Sometimes it is something simple and easily over looked. If you’ve tried these tips and still have no luck, then give us a call at Adelaide Electric.

Has the circuit Oven RCBO Adelaide Electricianbreaker tripped or fuse blown? If the oven isn’t heating, the fan, light and clock aren’t working there is a good chance that a circuit breaker has tripped or a fuse has blown. These are most commonly found in your switch board and labelled STOVE or RANGE. Try replacing the fuse with the correct type or resetting the circuit breaker. If it blows or trips again then there is a fault that needs to be checked and best to call an electrician. Do not repeatedly try to reset the fault as there could be a dangerous situation present that needs correct testing and repair.

Some kitchens can have an isolator switch that turns power off to the oven. These can be a large isolator switch or a smaller one that looks like a light switch. It’s not something that we use very often and can completely forget that it is there! Make sure it is in the on position.

Some electric ovens plug into a socket that is found in a cupboard or behind a draw next to or underneath the oven. Socket outlets can be accidentally Oven Repair Adelaide Electricianturned off when taking or putting items back into the cupboard. Check that the plug is in securely and the switch is on.

Is the clock working correctly?  The LED display clock needs to be set so it is not flashing. If the clock is flashing you will be unable to operate any of the oven functions. This can be set by pressing the cook time/end of cook time keys together and either the – or + sign. The clock doesn’t need to be correct, just to stop the flashing time.

Electric ovens have a couple of parts that do wear out and stop working. The most common parts are top, bottom and ring oven elements. Most of the time you can’t tell visually that the element has worn out. However the oven will not work on that specific function or is slow to heat up. If the top element has stopped Oven Repair Adelaideworking, it is difficult to brown roasts and vegetables. At the same time the bottom of the pan will overcook.

Still having problems getting the oven to work, or don’t feel confident that it is safe to use? Give us a call at Adelaide Electric for any oven related repairs.