Smoke Alarms – Replace your batteries Adelaide


Smoke Alarms – Time to replace your batteries Adelaide

At Adelaide Electric we are joining in the call with the South Australian MFS and other fire services to change your smoke alarm batteries.

This Sunday, April 3 is the day Adelaide winds back clocks to mark the end of daylight savings. It’s also a good reminder to replace your smoke alarm batteries.

Adelaide homes and businesses without working smoke alarms and correctly maintained smoke alarms are at risk of a house fire that can cause significant damage. Smoke Alarm AdelaideNot only that, you are putting yourself and your family at risk of being seriously injured or killed in a fire. All too commonly we hear stories of house fires and deaths that have occurred due to no or not working smoke alarms.

Every year it is recommended to change your smoke alarm battery even if the battery appears to be in working order. This also applies to mains powered smoke alarms with a backup battery.
10 year sealed long life lithium smoke alarms should not be opened or require a battery replacement. These units are sealed and cannot have the battery replaced for safety reasons.
The end of daylight savings serves as a reminder date for us to replace our smoke alarm batteries. When you turn your clocks back, also replace the smoke alarm battery. It’s also important to press the test button and test the smoke alarm siren.

At this time we recommend you perform your regular maintenance duties. This includes cleaning the smoke alarm with a light brush or a gentle soft brush vacuum cleaning. It’s a good time to check the expiry date on your smoke alarm. With the cover open (or on the side of the unit), smoke alarms should have a date printed indicating the expiry date or manufacture date. Check out out informative blog with all the info you need; The how to and what is guide to Smoke Alarms

A smoke alarm should be replaced every 10 years. After 10 years the smoke alarm becomes less reliable and may not function as an early warning device.

Consider this a good time to familiarize yourself with fire safety and your smoke alarm. The MFS recommendations have changed over the years. At Adelaide Electric we always suggest the following Premium smoke alarm installation for Adelaide;

  • Mains powered Smoke Detectors of proven quality.
  • Photoelectric Smoke Detectors.
  • Smoke Detectors in sleeping areas.
  • Smoke Detectors in hallways leading to sleeping areas.
  • Smoke detectors that are interconnected.

If you are looking for an Adelaide Electrician who is experienced with smoke alarm and smoke detector installations for your Adelaide home, please call us at Adelaide Electric on (08) 8367 9543 Each of our technicians has an excellent understanding of smoke detection products available, how they are to be correctly installed and keeping up to date with MFS and fire safety recommendations.

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