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Ceiling Fans to Save Energy Costs

Ceiling Fans to Save Energy Costs

Save Money and Electricity using Ceiling Fans

While writing this blog I needed to look up how much we are paying for electricity in Adelaide. Imagine my surprise, even as an electrician, to find out we not only pay the most in Australia, but it’s also one of the highest in the world! No my intention isn’t to get you all hot under the collar, I’m going to help out by explaining why ceiling fans are such a good way to save money on Electricity in Adelaide, especially during the hot summer.

Most of the ceiling fans I’ve installed use around 60-65 watts of power, about the same as a bedroom incandescent light globe. Calculated for Adelaide electricity prices that equates to approximately 2 cents an hour to run. That’s all good news and you’re going to read similar stories all over the internet, but let’s look at the best ways to actually save money and not spend more!

I’d like to just add a quick comparison I’ve worked out to run your home air conditioner. An evaporative air conditioner can cost up to 40 cents an hour to run and almost $2 per hour for full house ducted reverse cycle.

Here’s a couple of tips for correctly using a ceiling fan to save money

As you know a ceiling fan does not actually cool the room down. It works by providing a breeze or airflow around the room. This breeze evaporates moisture on your body and in turn cools the body, using the body’s natural air conditioning system.

On hot days and nights where an air conditioner needs to be used, the thermostat can be set a couple of degrees higher with the use of a ceiling fan. Savings from lowering the temperature by even a degree can be in the order of 10-40% for a reverse cycle air conditioner. This will reduce your electricity consumption while still maintaining a comfortable home.

On warm days when you are on the cusp of using an air conditioner, a ceiling fan will do the job perfectly. It’s also great in bedrooms at night time to provide a gentle breeze flowing around the room and keep yourself cool and comfortable without having to run an air conditioner all night.

On humid days, especiaCeiling Fans Adelaidelly those of us with evaporative air conditioners, ceiling fans are a great investment. The moisture in the air and on our bodies works very well in these conditions and helps to provide more comfort when air conditioners are struggling.

Leaving windows open and running the ceiling fan helps draw air in from outside when the outside temperature is cool and inside the house is warm.

Lastly, if you’re not in the room, turn the ceiling fan off.

Ceiling fans really do save you money on energy costs in Adelaide. These simple tips will help you to use a ceiling fan to make the most of your comfort levels while lowering energy use.

Of course being the owner of Adelaide Electric you might ask what I did in my own house. The pictures in this blog are taken of ceiling fans I have installed at home. There are ceiling fans in all the bedrooms and living areas meaning we aren’t as reliant on air conditioning during the day and warm nights are comfortable without air conditioning.